Saturday, December 10, 2011

Creating a Christmas worthy bow

Many people believe that bows are outdated, that during the early 90's we just burned ourselves out with them. I suppose that's true, however I think they are making a slow comeback because they just look very festive. It's all about what they represent, all good things begin with a bow. So here is my tribute to them.
To make this one yourself, simply get a spool of wired ribbon, pull some of the ribbon out and while holding on to the middle, create loops on either side of your hand, usually three on each side will do, but if you want a bigger bow, try 4 or 6. No need to go over 6 loops on either side of your hand. While still holding on to the center, take florist wire (my best friend next to the glue gun, year round) and wind center tightly with the wire. then pull the ribbon loops apart to make a big festive bow.

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